Slit Your Gods - Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude

Slit Your Gods’ “Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude” is a 3 song EP with a running time of just under 14 minutes. The track 'Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy' starts out with a really odd intro which reminded me a bit of a mix of the backwards intro on Morbid Angel’s 'Immortal Rites' and Nocturnus’ 'Lake Of Fire'. From there the madness kicks in and it’s a hellride all the way! The fierceness of the riffs and the double bass fills the speakers til the metal runneth over. 'Dragged By The Cross' is similar in brutality and could be reminiscent of old Morbid angel only rawer in production and delivery. This band is one of the few that can blur the boundaries of old school and modern-day death metal to the point that they are indistinguishable.

'Scapulars Of Human Decay' has a really nice Incubus/Master vibe going and the solo at about the 4:15 mark was a great show of talent just before the end of the last track. The only real disappointment here is that this release is only 3 songs.

However, I have received word that the band is working on their full-length release, so we will have new music sometime in the future. If this EP is any sign of what we are in for in the future, we’ve got one hell of an album coming!

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy
2. Dragged By The Cross
3. Scapulars Of Human Decay