Slow - Killer Mermaid

In 1992 the bass Joel Moncorvo (Ungodly) created the great band Slow, the musician had as objective executes one of the styles more compounds of the Metal, Progressive Metal. After fourteen years lance your first album entitled Killer Mermaid. It’s noticed elements of Heavy Metal easily in the music of the band. The resonant variation is another strong point of Killer Mermaid. There are passages in that suddenness incredible, when less happen the entire instrumental one is waited stops except for the bass formerly except for the guitar. In spite of having delayed a long time in throwing your first album, I would say that with certainty was worthwhile to wait and Slow is of congratulations. Killer Mermaid is an album versatile, singular, technician and completely out of patterns established by the market. A disk that should be part of Prog Metal's lovers' collection.

1. Killer Mermaid
2. Come to The Other Side
3. The Illusions
4. Sanctus Paradoxus
5. Possessed (instrumental)

Maniac Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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