Sludgehammer - The Fallen Sun

This Canadian battering ram collective have many influences that range from the heavier side of thrash, a touch of modern metal like Mastodon and definite marginal footprint in both the traditional and progressive metal fields. The production is thick and very powerful, the songs, well they improve as the album plays through each adding another certain flavour to their presentation.

With the first couple of heavy thrash inspired numbers, and by that I am think “Exo-ment”, my own hybrid of modern Exodus and Testament, Sludgehammer strike a hammer blow as each chord and verse follows in succession by some strong vocal talents. As the album develops, there is a slight augmentation with some greater riffs and time signatures, for that I lean towards latter Annihilator and Jeff Waters’ style of picking and fret work. Whilst I would categorise them completely similar to those artists mentioned, there’s an influence or two here and there. ‘Carnivorous Forest’ is another stand out track, taking a forceful riff and developing into a heavy groove, that may sound similar to material from a decade or more ago; but the key here is Sludgehammer’s presentation. They keep all their tracks fresh and “meaty”.

It is rare to find a release that crosses so many paths in terms of musical style, the production is a perfect balance, the band delivers near flawless and the enjoyment, well that’s pretty much expected and clear for all to hear. ‘The Fallen Sun’ is a rather strong release and for those fed up with retro trends, go and give Sludgehammer a go, they master the art of the hybrid metal band taking all the good riffs and rhythms out for themselves and leaving others to deal with the leftovers.

  1. Demons From The Woodwork
  2. Intestines Entwined 
  3. The Black Abyss 
  4. Ectogenesis 
  5. Carrion Eater 
  6. Consuming Afterbirth 
  7. Carnivorous Forest 
  8. Utopian 
  9. Revolting 
  10. Organ Harvester
  11. Casualties

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 8, 2016

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