Slytract - Existing Unreal

Can you be bothered with melodic death metal from Hungary? I must admit, I have my doubts, this is a stale genre, it’s oversaturated, it just needs a little spark to reignite the situation. When I heard a few of the tracks from this latest album ‘Existing Unreal’ I wasn’t totally convinced until later in the effort if I tell the truth, but give it a couple of spins and yes, there is promise, perhaps melodic death metal has just revived its mojo. ‘Null & Void’ starts things off nicely; it is a rather intense introduction to the band, it sounds like some of Behemoth’s eastern riffing and a battering ram approach to that of say Decapitated or similar Polish bands.

A recent tour with Demonical may have given opportunity to reach out to a few more souls, based on this recording, they are a band with many influences and they admirably try to emulate some musical greats, especially ‘Shall They Learn War Anymore’, but I have to admit ‘Existing Unreal’ after its initial kick in the arse becomes a little stale and stagnant with nothing really outstanding coming to the forefront, it’s unfortunate, but I find it another background music release, it does not stand out enough, or rather, there is nothing that makes me take note. The drums are processed and the overall sound is cleaned and perfected, I like a little filth, a bit of meat and potatoes in my death metal, not keyboards and processed instruments, especially when you talk about the drums.

Later in the album you actually hear some melo-death as they are categorised (‘Millenary Venus’) and there are a few breakdowns that appear from time to time. Essentially its technical, battering, European styled death metal but it’s nothing new, nothing of major interest, but a decent effort none the less.

  1. Aura
  2. Null & Void
  3. Recognize
  4. Prevailing Millions
  5. Nothing Seen Within
  6. Shall They Learn War Anymore
  7. Millenary Venus
  8. My Mist
  9. Behind The Closed
  10. Nexus