SMES - The Good, The Bad & Me

SMES is a hype in the techno gore scene and the twisted mind behind this is Erwin (also known as the vocalist of LDOH). On this new disc there are 13 songs with the great drumcomputer which spews some nice swinging melodies. Or it goes on full speed. Combining it with the mutilated vocals and the filthty guitars and you will get an idea what this is all about. Also visit his website and you will understand where SMES stands for. Great album.

1. Ernie’s nightmare
2. Pro-zak
3. G-spotted
4. Fruity juice
5. Have a sucker
6. When sgt. gomp charges
7. Bio-logical
8. Saunatorium
9. I’m going out of my duck
10. Gore white face
11. G.I. joke
12. Po, mirta, grind
13. Shower now!

Black Hole Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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