Snuffgrinder - Snuffholic

Ok, I have to get this out there. In recent years, it has become overly aperant that musicians have become completely bored with creating grind. Polands Snuffgrinder have come to apease all who want alittle more with there grind core. Heavy, industrial, grinding techno! Yeah I said it-TECHNO-GRIND! Not a revolutionary idea, various artists have been creating music like this for some time now. Honestly I never would have thought of doing something like this, which is probably why I still work a regular job! If you dig Snuffgrind, If you dig Techno, If you cant get your fix at a rave with a shit load of halucinagenics.. take a shit load more and inject Snuffgrinder to your next week long technofueld raving dance party. Must say.. pretty cool non the less.

1. Opening The Snuffshop
2. Life 4 Snuff
3. All Kinds Of Snuff Belongs To Me
4. Nekrosnuff
5. Snuff Inquisition
6. Neverendin' Pleasures Of Sniffin
7. Snuffholic Interlude
8. Snuffholic
9. Tekk-Snuff-Party
10. The Human Society Needs Better Tobacco Industry
11. Crying Above The Broken Snuffbox
12. Snuff Salad
13. I Spit Snuff
14. Snuffshop Is Closed

Apathic View Productions
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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