Sober Truth - Outta Hell – Special Edition

This is the second album from this thrash/groove metal outfit from Germany. This four-piece have been playing together since 2007 and this album builds on what they have been doing since their first album.

The thrash element is immediately obvious through the guitar work. The strong vocalist can be heard through the instrumentals as he switches effortlessly from English to German in every song. The rhythmic guitar work meshes perfectly with the drum work, and allows the perfect backdrop for the vocals and backing vocals. At times the vocalists seem to be battling each other but this works well for them. The guttural consonants of the German language change the way the vocals sound and makes them harsher and deeper.

In a way, the guitar work does sound a bit like Korn, especially the short introductions to each song. In fact, a lot of the songs sound very Korn influence. This is by no means a bad thing, as they take Korn’s older style and use it to their advantage, adding and subtracting bits to get their own unique version of it.

This is very listenable if you are a fan of thrash/heavy metal, as it is pretty pure and untainted by any other sub-genre and this is really nice to hear nowadays. Their innovations may be small, but for these guys they work well and make them stand out amongst the European metal crowd.

  1. Introduction Part III
  2. Outta Hell
  3. My Life 
  4. Future Lies
  5. Soulless
  6. Leave Me Alone
  7. I Believe
  8. One By One 
  9. Liar
  10. Taste
  11. Victim
  12. Introduction Part V 
  13. F.R.E.A.K
  14. Parasite
  15. Repression
  16. Painless

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2012

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