Society 1 - The Sound That Ends Creation

A new release from Society 1 (U.S.A.). This disk could easily be divided in two where songs 1,3,5 etc. are a mix of modern groove and thrashing industrialmetal with a lot of variety in songstructures. Vocals vary from screams, into clean singing, nu-metal rapping and hardcore moshvocals. Songs 2,4,6 etc. are more rock/metal ballads with gothic influences, atmospherical vocals and a lot of sarcasm and black humour in the lyrics. This is what they call shock-rock: confronting us with an inventive and modern appraoch to rock and metal.

1. It isn't me
2. Let me live
3. 6 months
4. No father
5. Touch a girl
6. Realms of bliss
7. Lord
8. I love her
9. Bleed
10. Enraptured
11. Skies
12. Wounded veins

Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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