Sodamned/Dark Celebration - The Damned Celebration

Face The Abys Records is a new label from Brazil and has the goal to spread the extreme Brazilian metal. A good idea to me as I love the South American death metal.

Sodamned is the kick off and they started in 1999 and released some demos and an EP. When Sodamned is signed to the label their EP is released as part of this split. Sodamned plays brutal death thrash metal songs. Brutal vocals with screams, harsh riffs with great leads (like the one in the opening song!) and various breaks in the tempo. Not only playing fast as lightning but also melodic midparts. Sodamned has the technical skills to play this kind of metal in attractive songstructures although they are just with two...

The second band is Dark Celebration and this satanic act is present here since 1996. In the beginning the band composed material and rehearsing a lot. Before joining this split they released two EPs but now you have something new. 6 Tracks in blackened death metal with hellish vocals, bass drum blasts, stamping midpaced with fast breaks. Also here like Sodamned good riffing and nice leads. The songs have head and tails with a message to crush the christian doctrine. I agree.

Conclusion of this split is that it is extreme and very good by bands who deserve the international attention. Check them out yourself.

1. Sodamnizing
2. Dive In Nothing
3. Over The Meadow
4. Locked In The Garret
5. Sky & Earth (Bonus Track)

Dark Celebration
6. Infra Dark
7. Reversed Creation
8. Prime Chaos
9. Soul's Harvester Machine
10. Infernal Legions
11. Nights Ritual

Face The Abys Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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