Sodom - Genesis XIX

This is what I remember about Sodom way back in the early days when "Agent Orange" was released... they were on top of their game. Seems like on this one their energy and riffs are back on top of DOMINATION. Totally kick ass and unrelenting. I don't know why any scores on here are negative about this one because the whole way through is KING. I think that Frank's leads could've been better like the old days, but the rhythms were more than adequate. The music is definitely intricate. These guys are veterans and still putting out high-quality thrash metal. I don't regret buying a physical copy of this LP.

The album features 12 songs and over 50 minutes of great German based thrash metal. This is probably once of the best recorded Sodom releases in years. They've managed to maintain a good career in thrash metal over the years even in Frank's absence. But now that he's recorded this album with the band, it just goes to show how awesome "Agent Orange" was back in the day. It seems like their rebirth into great thrash metal once again having some of the old line-up in place. The music and vocals are the highlights of the album. Though I thought that Tom's vocals could've been better. They seemed to lack intensity.

The production quality was top notch. The sound of the album was wholly audible with every instrument heard quite well. The thrash metal intensity of the instruments were all there. Tom could've given it more grit, but still I liked what I heard. That's the only reason why I took off some points. But the songwriting was impeccable. Hope this goes on for more albums to come. I'm sure that they had some great ideas that they put on here during this pandemic. A great time to keep the intensity high and creativity up there as well too. As I say, I don't regret making a purchase and buying the CD.

Sodom has been making great thrash metal since the 80's. It's good that they have some of the original members of the band still around kicking ass. Though it sounds like Tom slowed way down. The music is intense as all hell, just his voice is deteriorating. It'd be nice to hear the future of the band. I hope that they keep this lineup for more albums to come. The music is high mighty strong and intense. It was great to know the return of Frank in the band. I think once again that's what made the album as awesome as it is. Him with the band seems to have utmost style and frivolity. Give this a listen to!

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Blind Superstition
2. Sodom & Gomorrah
3. Euthanasia
4. Genesis XIX
5. Nicht Mehr Mein Land
6. Glock 'N' Roll
7. The Harpooneer
8. Dehumanized
9. Occult Perpetrator
10. Waldo & Pigpen
11. Indoctrination
12. Friendly Fire