Sofisticator – Camping The Vein

Thrash metal parody is usually reserved for bands like Tankard, these Italian thrashers take a bit of parody when you look at some of the song titles on offer and mix with a healthy dose of society aware paradigms. Vocally,  you hear a slight nasal/hardcore sound, like Mike Muir (late 80’s Suicidal era) and also akin to Slayer’s main man. The music is a little cross of thrash styles from both sides of the pond, typical yes, but very entertaining. The variation in the guitar rhythms and the subsequent times changes flow into one another and hits the spot in terms of you the listener, you hear this art form on ‘Camping the Vein’ that of which also reminds me of unsigned UK thrashers Mutant. This is Thrash with purpose and it continues tirelessly right into the upbeat bruiser ‘Burger Hell’ which is all about junk food. Lyrics describing “One thousand days to order fried chicken, There is no damn place where you can sit, enormously flabby, flabby asses, risking to fall to the ground”, add humour, ok the English grammar is not perfect, but the idea and comment is entertaining to say the least, it takes thrash back to possessing a fun factor without losing its appeal and level of professionalism. The next few tracks remain in a Tankard/Suicidal Tendencies vein, they are very similar, the lead breaks and breakdowns match the quality of the aforementioned bands’ earlier material, this is a pretty cool release, I would actually say that Sofisticator piss all over some of those bands newer releases too, the standard is thus very high.

‘Holiday’s In Hell’ is very heavy, it is very intentional from the start, it has the energy of EU thrash from the 80’s, when the band get heavier they collide with a few Kreator-ism’s (‘Thrash & Clean’) but musically it’s also very applicable to early Slayer material before ‘…the Abyss’, more from ‘South of Heaven’. Just when you thought I had pigeon-holed this band fairly or unfairly, Ha, more influences come out. I hear first release Overkill in ‘I wa’sborr’ to Rock ‘n’ Roll‘ as it has the same purposeful groove and overall this album has the same influential mix of a recent release by Blessed Curse. But, whereas that one concentrated on “the riff”, Sofisticator concentrate on the groove and thundering speed of some of the classics without becoming at all one dimensional. These thrashers are “sophisticated” enough to enter into frequent tempo changing aspects of light and shade, even including some acoustic parts, you better believe that the overall result is pretty spectacular and breath taking.

It is really refreshing to hear an album of this quality, playing homage to heroes gone by and some still with us. The often comical lyrical content really does not overpower nor overshadows the seriousness of the fucking neck-breaking speed and aggression that rears plenty of opportunity to catch your breath and raise your fist in the air. Stage-diving is…well…compulsory, buying ‘Camping the Vein’ is also very compulsory. I eagerly look forward to the next chapter from these Italian thrash masters, buy it, thrash it, indulge in it!

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Jun 13, 2012

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Sofisticator – Camping The Vein

  1. Blasphemous Arrival
  2. Camping The Vein
  3. Burger Hell
  4. Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack!)
  5. Burn The Steaks On The Fire
  6. Ivo The Woodman
  7. Holidays In Hell
  8. I wa’sborr’ To Rock ‘n’ Roll
  9. Sofisticator
  10. Thrash & Clean
  11. Mantas (The Thrashmaker)

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