Sõjaruun - Org

‘Org’ is the debut full length release presented by Sojaruun. Nothing much has changed from the debut EP entitled ‘Sojaruun’. What I can say is that the sound became more primitive and more extreme without excluding the fact that the band adapted more folkloristic patterns.

This very approach reminds me of various Pagan bands like Odal, Graveland and old Borknagar among others. Sojaruun already marked their presence with their quality EP release, and this full length shows a step ahead in their development as their music became more structured and varied. It is quite evident that Sojaruun are on the verge to do something quite advanced at a later stance.

While retaining the primitive approach of Black Metal, this album also got light hints of Death Metal as part of the package together with their catchy melodies, and those lengthy folkloristic passages which are obviously present. Consequently, a ‘medieval’ approach can be also noted in their guitar structures making this release ‘epic’ while retaining enough extremity.

This album has quite an enigmatic sound which could be perceived better if the audio production was better, however it doesn’t mean this album doesn’t deserve your attention. Sojaruun is a band to follow, and I suggest you to keep yourself updated as this band is planning to launch a new release hopefully soon!

1. Ühe Teekonna Algus   
2. Verimets   
3. Haldjad   
4. Ürgne   
5. Piksevägi   
6. Iidne Org Kevadel   
7. Sõjasajatus   
8. Lõpu Hämaruses   
9. Älves

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010
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