Sõjaruun - Sõjaruun

From the Baltic state of Estonia, we have Sojaruun, and this review will cover the first release entitled ‘Sojaruun’.  This little release contains only 3 tracks, each with a running time of approximately 7 minutes.

Sojaruun performs old school Melodic Black Metal with Pagan themes with occasional acoustic guitars inclusions blended with metal. The first track ‘Teekond Hukatusse’ starts with an intro consisting in nature sounds, acoustic guitars and bass sounds and suddenly it gets engulfed into speedy patterns consisting in dual trebled guitars, low tuned bass and fast dynamic drumming with a good performance on cymbals. On occasions switching between distorted and acoustic guitars are present while retaining the same speedy tempo. While approaching the end, one can also notice some breaking bluesy leads and solos which mark the conclusion of this track.  The next song ‘Touske, Allmaailmaleegionid!’ varies from fast to mid-paced tempo filled with an epic feel reminding me of bands like Borknagar filled with catchy riffs and melodies. The last track ‘Vooras Veri’, reflects another cross between mid-paced and semi-fast tempo with a good consistence of guitar passages, and drumming variation. The track ends with a folk interval performed with acoustic guitars, thick-sounded bass and drums.

‘Sojaruun’ is a release that reflects a quality start for Sojaruun, and I would recommend this band to those who are into bands like Borknagar and Manegarm.

1. Teekond hukatusse   
2. Tõuske, Allmaailmaleegionid   
3. Võõras Veri

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010
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