Solace Of Requiem – Casting Ruin

So, let’s just get this out of the way to begin with right away here so you all don’t have to sit and read through a bunch of my ratings, ravings and ramblings first. Solace Of Requiem’s “Casting Ruin” completely and utterly kicks major, and I mean major, major ass. There is really nothing more you, I or anyone really needs to know about this album or even this band, yet, there is so much more we can talk about here when it comes to Solace Of Requiem and “Casting Ruin” in particular.

To start with the so-called more we should touch on what this awesomeness sounds like. Solace Of Requiem are a band that is sometimes labeled as ‘technical blackened death metal’, SOR’s music is not only instrumentally technical, but is also technical in composition. “Blending together an array of haunting technical passages, classical movements, grim ambience and relentless brutality, with a diverse assortment of highly intelligible extreme vocals.” To take a quote straight from the band’s web site and honestly, for once, a band actually nails exactly what and who they are without over selling or astronomically over doing it.

Next, we should take some time to talk a little about how truly sweet these technical abilities and touches are actually incorporated into “Casting Ruin’s” epic brutal catchiness. For this is no mere sweep picking, stutter stop, scale reciting technicality, no, Solace Of Requiem is a band who has taken obscure poly-rhythms, binaural recording (basic description – 3D sound that emulates how a human actually hears), a true understanding of atmosphere and hard panned experimentation (each side, speaker, has it’s own sonic template, basically taking two different songs and combining them to make a third) and molded it all into hum-ably memorable passages of blackened death metal wonderment.

Third, well, we’ll just say finally, I just have to strongly reiterate my point from at the start of this review. This album is flat out, straight up and to the point, pure head banging, mind blowing awesomeness. Sure, the technicality, ambience, atmosphere and recording techniques are all impressive and all but when it comes down to it “Casting Ruin” would be nothing if those things were not handled by extremely talented people who also understand how to use those elements while still just writing really, really good songs. Songs that have feeling, movement, growth, decay and life, all things that normally seem to disappear when the words technical and brutal come together in a death metal sense. So, again, it just awesome-ly kicks, major, major, maajjjoor ass. Seriously.

Reviewer: Ben Schultz

Sep 18, 2014

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Solace Of Requiem – Casting Ruin

  1. Defiling The Spectrum
  2. Casting Ruin
  3. Soiling The Fields Of Putridity
  4. Song Of Shards
  5. Wading Into Mire
  6. Eroded Absolution
  7. Heaving Bile And Ash
  8. Pools Of Ablation
  9. Bio-Alchemy


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