Solanum - Into The Sinner Circle

"Into The Sinner Circle" is the title of the debut full-length from Canada’s Solanum. Some time ago I reviewed their split with Epidemic and what a great release that was. Since then, I have been awaiting their next effort. I must say that it was well worth the wait. These guys have a great approach to their music while keeping it nice and heavy and right in your face from beginning to end. These guys are more than capable of leading the thrash/crossover genre into the next generation. While this isn’t the greatest album I have ever heard, just the sheer energy of this release makes it listenable over and over again. I have listened to it several times and it just gets better with every listen.

Vibes and influences are abound here on these 7 tracks and the music aspect of things is probably what stands out the most. To me the music on this release sounds like a mixture of early Metallica and Megadeth with a slight death metal approach to the playing. The riffs here sound a little bit “grittier” than on any of the early releases of the aforementioned bands. Still though, that influence is there. Add to that a tad bit of Slayer and Blood Feast and you pretty much have whats going on with the guitar aspect of things. The drums on this CD are pretty simplistic and true to form in terms of the thrash/crossover/punk scene. The styles and presentation between the guitars and drums is extremely complimentary to the old school way of playing. There is virtually no straying from the blueprint here. What you hear is what you get, and as for the vocals, it reminds me of a mixture of Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Exhorder and other bands of the like. This is a very angry and violent release, and while it may not be very technical or spectacular in terms of delivery and presentation, the sheer brutality of the material contained on this CD more than makes up for any lack of technical showmanship. This release is just pure metallic sickness!

I would definitely recommend this release to anyone looking to check out this particular genre. It would definitely be a good introduction as to what it has to offer. The mixture of vibes and influences here make for one hell of a ride and by the time this CD is over you’ll definitely be hitting the play button again! My hat is off to these guys for taking their material to the next step of brutality. This is a very well done piece of work that is not only true to the particular sub-genre of thrash/crossover, but true to what metal should be in general. These guys definitely have what it takes to be a successful band for years to come.

  1. P.T.S.D.
  2. Homicide Suicide
  3. Strangled By Disease
  4. Symptoms Of Solanum
  5. Into The Sinner Circle/Righteous Refusal
  6. Narcotic Collapse
  7. Beg For Your Life