Solanum - Judge-Mental

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cannada’s Solanum return with a crushing 4 song EP entitled “Judge-Mental”. The same structure of massive destruction continues where “Into The Sinner Circle” left off, stretching boundaries of multi-genre diversity as only they can do. The energy filled heaviness of this band and release is undeniable as it overflows out of the speakers and into the minds of those who are listening. The riffs have a nice hardcore/punkish type vibe with speed/thrash overtones. The guitars have a nice natural sound with just enough distortion to serve a distinctive purpose. The drum work is raw and intense with a pounding “in your face”, yet simplistic nature. From this, chaos is spawned in every direction which is more than enough to make your head explode! The bass seems content to remain like a shadowy figure in the background giving minimal yet sufficient support when needed. The little bass intro at the beginning of the CD is really cool too.

The hardcore/punk type of influence continues in the vocal department, which is an excellent style for the material presented. Not quite a perfect match, but almost as there is a bit too much “yelling” going on, yet it still works. I would have liked to hear the vocals be a little bit more guttural. This is definitely a CD for fans of Cryptic Slaughter, Agnostic Front, Pissing Razors, old Anthrax, D.R.I., and early Corrosion Of Conformity. Anyone who’s a fan of these bands does not want to miss this release. No, it’s not perfect, but it sounds damn good and right from the beginning, it’s all out hell! This mighty release is put out by Unspeakable Axe Records so, once again, these guys have knocked it out of the park once again. There are other bands playing similar music who don’t put have as much energy into 10 songs that this band put into 4 songs! I was very impressed by this release and the fact that the band keep on improving their talents and their presentations, but for themselves. While they may have a good following, their music comes from their hearts and souls, not from what they fans want. The fact that they remain true to themselves and true to the music they create speaks volumes and I believe that is a big part of the driving force behind the band and I totally respect them for that.

  1. High Class
  2. Control
  3. It's Getting Darker
  4. Judge-Mental