Sole Method - The Way Of Descent

Sole Method debuted back in 2008 with their thrashing attack of 'Collateral Suicide.' WIth their second album, 'The Way Of Descent,' they tread more into melodic groove thrash territory rather than just straightforward, cookie cutter thrash. These Austrians have thrown in a bit more bite to the music. It is faster paced and the groove through lots of bass and rhythmic chords are not as obvious. Instead, the groove is found more in the pace of the drums and the well placed solo riffs throughout, on top of the usually flamboyant thrash inspired interludes 3/4 through the song.

"Echoes Of The Dark" is a good balance of groove thrash, combined with the edgy shouted vocals and exciting pace. The solos are more easygoing and melodic than compared to the other tracks, and the chugging formation almost leans towards metalcore or mallcore, but overall the groove keeps things in the thrash vein. "Suicide Of Painless" is a bit heavier than the other tracks and leans a bit into death metal territory with a bit of the blastbeats, but keeps a good melody formation. The title track is the best offering on the album since it features not only a good balance of thrash and melody, along with pace, but also a momentary showcase of clean vocals which is a different side of the band, and works nicely for them too.

"Blasted and Broken" is probably the most straightforward track considering how everything flows together continuously without much in the way of pauses or breakdowns, but it isn't a bad track at all. "Revelation Of Mine" has some haunting spoken words at the end and also features the most dynamics of the music as how the pace rises and falls and guitars are always on edge, keeping the listener on edge. Finally, the album closes on a Judas Priest cover of "NIghtcrawler." It is just as melodic as the original, and the only real difference that fans will be able to tell be able to tell is the tone of the drums and the vocals. The band does this legendary tribute justice, and it also offers them a bit of a chance to experiment, especially with the spacey sound near the end of the track.

  1. Echoes Of The Dark
  2. All Or Nothing
  3. Suicide Is Painless
  4. The Way Of Descent
  5. The New Brave
  6. What It's Like To Be A Machine
  7. Blasted And Broken
  8. Me Myself And I
  9. Black Eyed
  10. Revelation Is Mine
  11. Nightcrawler (Judas Priest cover)

Twilight Vetrieb
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 12, 2011

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