Solemn Curse - Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos

Pure hate filled black metal hailing out from the US (Amerillo Taxas). Solemn Curse have been in creation since 2012 with "Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos" being their first release of black metal art.

This is definitely a black metal album through and through and the 4 tracks presented with  "Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos" is a great introduction for Solemn Curse into the scene, gives one an idea of what this 3 piece outfit could do and leaves you wondering what will they put out next and which direction will they continue with upon the twisted path of black.

"Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos" begins and ends with a blast there are certainly no soft moments along the jagged ride of these tracks not even with the 4th closing track titled 'Without Drunkenness Of Prayer' and it's slower more wretched cries of gloom and despair which very nicely closes off and ends the destructive chaos of this EP. I love the classic rawness of this release which stays true to that old school black metal sound.

Fast riffs, hard drumming and rough demonic vocals pretty much sum up this piece of anger filled hate. The only downside one might find here is that there is some depth lacking somewhere within this EP as a whole that I cannot exactly pinpoint however, I would say that "Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos" would be a work to have and keep within your black metal collection and again I feel that this little introduction of what this band could do is a great jump into the pits of Hell and am awaiting what Solemn Curse spews out next.

  1. Eruption Of Apocalyptic Chaos
  2. The Curse Of Breathing
  3. Shadowlands Of Purgatory
  4. Without Drunkenness Or Prayer