Soli Diaboli Gloria - Soli Diaboli Gloria

Soli Diaboli Gloria is one of those mysterious bands Russia has at hand, and this band is quite evidence. The line-up consists of only 2 members who are: F on vocals and K on all instruments. As well, one of the guys is also involved with another mysterious band known as Meti Bhuvah.

The self-titled album contains 7 tracks, which includes a Deathspell Omega cover version (Dezekration Master). Musically speaking, they play straight forward Black Metal with light hints of groovy Thrash. Being a plain metal band, Soli Diaboli Gloria is quite massive in unleashing a powerful demising atmosphere emitted through their primitive sounded guitars. In general, the music is filled with tempo variations, from the typical blast beats, mid-tempo patterns and solemn slow parts.

Previously I mentioned about their sound, and yes I can say that Soli Diaboli Gloria already managed to settle a sound of their own which can hardly be compared with the likes of Black Metal. However if I have to use an analytical approach, I could say that Soli Diaboli Gloria is like a cocktail consisting in the primitive sound of Burzum, the insanity and hyperactivity of old Abigor and Mayhem, the ill atmosphere which the German band Martyrium (pre-Secrets of the Moon) came out with, together with the sick voice reminding me of old Summoning (Lugburz album).

The album production is quite primitive and somber, however it sounds that this piece of black art was mixed in a studio. One little drawback is the guitar sound which feels a little bit messy due to its emphasis on this sheering grinding sound, but on the other hand, this could be something that listeners may enjoy! Overall, I cannot say that Soli Diaboli Gloria came out with a golden release; however this debut CD proves that this band stands for an easy chance in developing a distinguishable identity apart from their likes! Recommended!

1. Casus Primo   
2. Fallen   
3. Reinkarnation   
4. Dezekration Master (cover Deathspell Omega)   
5. Obscvrvm in Aeternvm   
6. Armageddon   
7. Soli Diaboli Gloria

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Reviewer: Jo
Mar 15, 2010
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