Solitary – The Diseased Heart Of Society

This UK thrash band started quite some time ago, their subsequent rebirth is a vibrant ten track number. The hallmarks of the classics are here for sure. I get the vocal by way of a Testament/Xentrix and some 90’s aggression, that sense of power and determination; Solitary don’t follow the trends…but they are extremely tight musicians. ‘Unidentified’ sums this up. There’s classic thrash melody with ‘Anthem Of Regret’, this has more music to it. Riffs yes, but the vocal melody not heard since before Xentrix entered the 90’s, and that’s where the jewel is. A lot of bands already do downright aggression, Solitary’s art is harbouring that with the melody without losing focus. ’The Diseased Heart of Society’ is a hell of a ride through the mosh pits of thrash, just you wait.

‘Architects Of Shame’ sounds big from the start then the beat hits you, this is a cool ride. Such bands have always made comment on society and ‘Humanities Declined’ sets some points across. The guitar solo alone is reminiscent of some classic Peterson/Skolnick leads. The title track is of familiar form to those bands mentioned earlier and in particular ‘The Words Define’, in both cases you can get buried within the solo and drift away with the melody as the chilling classic guitar tone plays a big part in the enjoyment of this album.

The impact of thrash albums varies tremendously in terms of quality. This one has me smiling from start to finish from the first spin. When you include influences but spread your wings further to make the music your own, that the greatest reward a band can offer. Solitary’s precision and recording crispness is of the highest order, of recent times, this is one of the most exciting thrash albums I have heard. Their live album did say ‘I Promise To Thrash Forever’ and you better believe it’s true based on these results…

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Feb 17, 2017

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Solitary – The Diseased Heart Of Society

  1. Blackened Skies (instrumental)  
  2. Wait  
  3. Trigger Point Atrocity  
  4. Anthem Of Regret  
  5. Architects Of Shame  
  6. The Diseased Heart Of Society  
  7. Unidenitifed  
  8. The Words Define  
  9. The Edge Of Violence  
  10. Humanities Declined


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