Sombre Chemin / Ornaments Of Sin - Split

Sombre Chemin is a french pagan black metal band. They have released a lot of material over the years. This split disc is their latest work. 4 Tracks of fast and hellish sounds. The vocals are high shrieking and for me a pain in the ear. The lyrics are sun in the French to accentuate the honour to their ancients. Guitars are fuzzy and distorted and looking for the melody in the songs. This raw black metal is not my cup of blood.

Ornaments of Sin is another French band and what they do is better for me. Still it is raw, unpolished and aggressive. Guitars with not too difficult riffs and prominent in the mix. Vocals are way better than Sombre Chemin and the drums are done by the drummer of Funeral Wind. Melodic is a big word but there are structures in the songs.
This split is something for those who like extreme black metal and if you are not familiair with the bands, listen first.

Sombre Chemin
1. Ragnarok (Dans Les Ruines De berlin)
2. Soldats Du Soleil Noir
3. Mourir Avec Honneur
4. Possession Odinique

Ornaments Of Sin
5. Jesu Am Kreuz
6. Citadels Of Darkness
7. Funeral Procession (..My Ornaments Of Sin)
8. Dark Doctrines & Fullmoon Mysteries
9. Raub Der Flammen

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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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