Sons Of Famine - Alcohol And Razorblades

When a band rises from the ashes of Corpse Vomit, bares a black and white cover, a rotten logo, a first EP with the title "Alcohol And Razorblades" and declares that they don't give a shit about anyone and anything and wish us to die a miserable death (their exact words on their FB page "Sons Of Famine is anti-everything, and we hope you die a miserable death"), then the least someone would expect is the epic intro that opens this EP. If I didn't know what this was all about, I'd surely say that this was all about a new Amon Amarth release and I kind of hate those bastards. Of course things seem to find their place after a minute, when Sons Of Famine unleash their blackened death metal to break any cloud of doubt.

Sons Of Famine is a new band from Chicago formed in 2012 but the history of the members hold way back. All of them, former members of the deceased Corpse Vomit (1992-2002) and some also members of bands as Lividity and Imperial Savagery, they join forces in Sons Of Famine to play blackened death metal that brings a lot in mind bands as Angel Corpse. "Alcohol And Razorblades" is the title of their demo of 2014 and first release as a band and it gets pretty obvious that their sole aim as a band is to talk about destructive expressions, booze and other pretty stuff of such kind. Their music is mostly based on black metal riffing surrounded by death metal drumming with a rock and roll attitude. Solos are present and loud there but don't let your mind fly to scales and Berkley shit. The whole point here is to be raw and xtreme so when we're talking solos imagine guitar leads that rip ears fitting of course to each riff.

The duration of this EP is almost 14 minutes. 4 songs that will hold your attention to it once you surpass the first epic shock. The songs have a flow and succeed one another really well adding a really nice continuation to the whole listening. The vocalist is a beast unleashed and all this chaos is held together by a rusty and raw production, fitting to their kind. All flows smoothly and just before the end, in the 4th and last song, there comes Amon Amarth again to ruin the day. The last song is again provided with an epic intro and I really, really, really don't see the need for that! It must be their thing I can't explain it otherwise. Those guys dig epic intros. So anyone willing to give a bite to the lads from Chicago, must be able to cope with that. In any other kind of music they could have passed unnoticed but it is the aggression those guys bring with their music that really, to my sick and stupid ears, makes such intros unable to fit. Anyway, so much for nothing. Skipping that little detail, what we're talking here is a really aggressive and nasty EP from a band that consists of people that know how to make ears bleed. The layout of the whole thing is another plus. Black and white and rotten. Brings out the worst of you. So, need to check a new band? Of you go!

  1. Nothing And Nowhere
  2. Malicious Curse Of Fate
  3. Alcohol And Razor Blades
  4. The Seed

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 1, 2014

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