Sons Of Nihil - Unfolding Destiny

Six devoted messengers that want to liberate humanity from its narrow-minded instincts through Earth, Water, Fire, Air. That is what the band is all about and what you can hear on the album. A mixture of black metal, progressive rock. Up tempo songs with melodic guitars (with nice leads) and keyboard rhythms. And the bass is nicely picking over them. Vocals are clean and sung and that is not really my favorit part. In fact it is getting irritating. But they also use some grunts. The structure of the songs are complex and diverse and maybe that is why it is sometimes be heard as chaotic. This album needs several turns before yu may like it.

1. From Darkness To The Edge Of Creation
2. One Must Embrace Fatality
3. Being The Cornerstone Of Destiny
4. The Source
5. That Spark That Shines In Her Eyes
6. The Doomed Message
7. Closing The Book Of Existence

Deadsun Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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