Sons Of Slaughter - The Extermination Strain

This Scotish band send me their demo in 2004 and I instantly liked it. I also wrote that I was looking for more slaughters and in the end of 2005 my needs are fullfeed. Retribute Records is releasing their debut and what a slaughter. The style of SOS is a mixture of thrash, death and grind. Played with enormous power and force. 10 Tracks that moawn, grind, pilaging, cracking around like it is so easy. Brutal vocals, blistering drum and the aggressive riffing with the frenzy leads. So mix your own fav bands together and get this album so can feel your guts drilling out of your arse!!!

1. Intro
2. Lead Us Not
3. Purify Through Sin
4. The Extermination Strain
5. A Just Prevalence
6. Embedded
7. Unmarked Grave
8. Between Two Suns
10. Mechanically Maintained
11. Bloodblind

Retribute Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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