Sorath - Vivimos En Perpetua Gerra

Sorath (Czech Republic) destory christianity with this form of thrashing blackmetal. Powerfull and fast riffs veried with mid tempo melodic parts but never loosing brutality. Drumming also shows a lot of variation from mid tempo till tight blasting or double bass parts. Vocals scream hate with rawness and aggression. Songs have straightforward approach but also a lot of variation in atmosphere. Quite an original sound by sounding both static and dark, but due to good production very fucking powerfull.

1. My last heraldic sign
2. The sign of burn / the flames of hell
3. The teacher of wisdom
4. The legions of bafomets
5. The curse of balance
6. The dream of victory
7. In the loathesome cradle of wicked christians
8. The fifth point
9. Dreaming times
10. Vivimos en perpetua gerra

Bonus track
11. Finish of the sorath's sword

Metal Breath Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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