Sorcery - Arrival At Six

As time goes by, the evolution in everything is obvious! The music business couldn't be left aside. Playing music nowadays and recording it becomes easier and easier almost a joke when it comes to hardware! Of course the demand to keep up when it comes in instrument abilities has become bigger as the new age musicians now better! But there are some bands that can't just get that to their skull. Musical evolution and crap? Fuck that! When it comes to music for them everything gets simple! Low tuned instruments, groovy rhythms a growler that rips his throat off, a 6 pack of beers and off we go! For those who are unaware, Sorcery is one of the oldest Swedish death metal bands! Their first demo came out at 1987 and their very first full length at 1991! Excellent stuff if I may do so, but after that followed a break of almost 17 years. Those ancient brutal beasts got back together on 2009 and after two demos and a compilation, released their second full on 2013! Like I said above..

Sorcery don't give a crap about evolution and stuff like that! They just carried on from where they left the whole thing back in 1991! The whole nightmare starts from the cover. It really couldn't be better. Old school to the bone. The ghost train that comes out of the skeleton mountain , all in a misty surrounding, reminds of old horror movies and stuff like that and gets you in the proper mood. So are you ready for some old school brutal death metal the way they do it in Sweden? Let's start then. "Arrival At Six" is as you understood from the above bullshit I was sayin, a bass dominated record! A bulldozer bass. Fat sound and a steady performance that destroys every gentle ear drum in an area larger than 10,000 kilometers! Of course the guitar themes it covers couldn't be less than awesome! A real tribute to the old days, when a drummer's job in a death metal band was only to give a steady rhythm behind the track, that would make people wanna loosen their neck screws for a more efficient headbanging! That spirit is here intact. It is like a day hasn't passed from 1991 for these crazed lunatics!

Another amazing thing about this album is, the passion this band can provide us with! I'm tellin ya, it is astonishing! It is like some wild kids from the street grabbed instruments and started kicking off death metal hell! As the hearing of "Arrival At Six" progresses it is getting even clearer that this guys weren't just dropped in a studio. Each one of them was unleashed in the studio, fed with tons of Kerosene and got beaten until he went crazy! Oke, a little graphic description but once you get your ears to this, you will almost definitely have the same opinion. Old school brutality delivered the way only Sorcery knows. Those veterans really outdid themselves. "Arrival At Six" is definitely the release I would recommend to someone who worships Entombed, Carnage, Unleashed and stuff like that! Nothing more. Just grab it some way. I don't know, rob a bank or something. You can't miss that one.



  1. We Who Walk Among The Dead
  2. Created From Darkness And Rage
  3. Master Of The Chains
  4. United Satanic Alliance
  5. Arrival At Six
  6. Warbringer
  7. Maculated Life
  8. Beyond The Wall
  9. Reborn Through Hate