Sordid Clot - Subspecies

Grinding time, and this time our inspiration comes straight from Russia. And to be more specific from Bryansk. These crazy motherfuckers have done it once again. Since 2005 and after two full lengths and two split CDs, it was time for them in the year 2013 to release their third full length. They will not leave our jaws hanging open this time, as we already know what to expect from them.

So this time before hearing "Subspecies", a proper preparation was necessary! What do I mean by that? Definitely not candles and special invitations to Satan and other fag stuff like that. What you need to do before pressing the play button, is tie up the things in the room that might fall, remove all the fragile items to another room and make a lot of space! And I mean, a loooot of space, cos you might wanna self mosh a bit on it! Party grind. This is the definition that, in my opinion, would describe perfectly the genre that Sordid Clot could fit in! Crazy and full of speed grind is what they serve for so long, and they are one of the bands that really do it well. In this new album of them, one can find extreme blasting moments, combined with up-tempo beats and a heavy heavy sound, all blended well, to construct songs that make your ferocity meter turn to red instantly! That is the awesome element that almost every grind band tries to achieve. No matter what your emotions might be at the moment, after you push the play button, your head belongs to them! This is a 10/10 element on Sordit Clot behalf!

24 minutes and 18 songs. As you can imagine the songs have a medium duration time of 1 minute! Perfect grind length! Enriched with great samples that give em the perfect wackiness, this full length can definitely haunt my player for a looong time! It is the intensity, and the speed of the songs, combined with the brilliant riffs and the entire full's duration, that make you unable to get bored. In fact you want more and more! The production of "Subspecies" is exceptional. Dirty and raw. Really the best type of production for such a sound! A release that will draw a big smile to every grinding mongrel out there!

  1. Well-Timed Spasms
  2. Sweet Vaginal Discharge
  3. Old-Wife's Sex Appendages
  4. Soft Impulses
  5. A Little About Timokha
  6. Everyday Protest
  7. Trophy Bugs
  8. Jokes In A Stomach
  9. Mistress
  10. Anteater
  11. 14 Uninvited Guests
  12. Vomit Mass Inauguration
  13. After The First And The Second
  14. Gifts Of A Chocolate Star
  15. Solitary Man
  16. Horny Box
  17. Bear Stepson
  18. Rye Robust Fellows