Sordid Clot - Tuber

This is the second full length from this renowned Russian grindcore band. This is a heavy album with downtuned guitars, persistent crunch, a slight but noticeable hardcore edge, occasional groove, effects and humors, lead and backing vocals partly in the style Carcass established on Reek Of Putrefaction and bass production as clean and clear-cut as that in the other instruments. The songs fall within the one to two minute range, tightly consolidating the energy they put across.

1. Fecal Sparring
2. Feeble Delights
3. Turnery
4. Vaginal Fumes
5. Koro
6. Relics In The Grove
7. Purke
8. Spring Awakening
9. Shchi
10. Adobegore
11. Cellulitis-Lambada
12. Anti A
13. The Blockhead
14. Movement Of The Invalid By The Predetermined Trajectory In Search Of Food
15. Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession
16. Old Hand
17. Chronicles Of The Materialism
18. Dissident
19. Senoras Tvorozhok
20. Another
21. Morse Desires To Test You
22. Zu Atrapartu Arte
23. God's Fool
24. Rudiment

Soulflesh Collector Records
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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