Sordid Flesh - Torturer

In their debut full-length album "Torturer", the Swedes from Sordid Flesh offer us one simple thing - pure oldschool worship. The opening track 'The Thelema Way' waves proudly the bloodstained flag of Venom, Hellhammer and early Sodom. "Torturer" is a venomous mix of oldschool death, black and thrash metal with raw and dirty sound. 'Mark Of The Fallen', 'Through Vile Infanticides' and 'Where Art Though God' are fast thrash/death pieces influenced by Benediction, Asphyx, early Entombed etc. and they will make you bang your head for sure. One important note: Sordid Flesh don't use blastbeats! It is just the good old galloping thrash tempo. On the other hand songs like the lovely titled 'Gravebitch' or the title track 'Torturer' are slow and filled with sinister melodies. The guys in Sordid Flesh know how to write catchy riffs like the ones in my personal favourite track 'Until You Are Dead' which is a mid-tempo sonic killer.

Despite the raw production of the album, it is clear that there are some experienced musicians in this band. Fredrik Haf's voice reminds me of Vincent Crowley from the US olsdchool satanic masters Acheron and this type of vocals fits great with the oldschool metal attack that "Torturer" is. This album is for those who have love for oldschool death/thrash/black metal, the way it was played in the end of the 80's. And if you happen to be one of those fans - check this album out!


1. The Thelema Way
2. Mark Of The Fallen
3. Rites At The Cemetery
4. Gravebitch
5. Through Vile Infanticides
6. Torturer
7. Where Art Thou Lord
8. Until You Are Dead
9. Rise From The Abyss