Sothis - Fusion

Intense Thrash Metal from this Italian Quintet. Fusion is 8 songs of powerful, boot kicked in you face music. Lines have really been blured with this record, which is a nice change. Most bands have a tendency to conform to a certian formula when they play heavy music. Sothis have made music that is not quit Thrash, not quite Death, not quite like anything out there right now. It can only be described as Sothis. Definatley for fans of Forbidden. Check them out!!!

1. The Purifier
2. Blood Effect S.F.X.
3. Dust
4. B-B Beyond The Bound
5. Psychonoise
6. Skeletal Presence
7. Turn Off The Light
8. R.I.P.

Temple Of Noise
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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