Soturnus Skullcrusher - Verminoso

Soturnus Skullcrusher is a newly formed band from Brazil and according to themselves they arose from the deepest and darkest side of hell. Influenced by Hellhammer, Bathory and Sarcofago they started to rehearse in March 2009 and soon followed by the first live gigs. Two of those gigs were captured on film and put together on the first release "Verminoso". This DVD is released on their own label Bode Preto Records.

The first show was on April 2nd and it is a complete set with 11 tracks. The sound is acceptable and the show is filmed with several cameras. Despite the multi cameras the stage presentation is none. The bassist is the most vivid one with his head bowed down and banging his head. The sound of the guitars is thick but there is a lack of leads. Only in the last song "Oppressor" you hear a short shred. The drums are a bit too loud in the mix and escpecially the intro is aweful. Vocals are deep growling and could use more variation as he is singing in a monotonous way. The musical style Soturnus Skullcrusher is playing is a combination of teh aformentioned bands in a death/black/thrash style. Mostly in uptempo with some accelerations but like the vocals the songs are too much look a like. Maybe because the drums are not very technical and using the hihat too much. A nice thing is that during a song the drummer is playing one rhythm and the vocalist and bassist are taking off their leather jackets.

Show number two is their first stage apperance (March) and it contains the first songs that were also played in the theatre. This show is filmed with a handycam and contains several hazy footage because the wrong zoom factor. The cameraman is standing in the audience, there are not more than 10 counted. Of this gig I think the vocals are better and he is talking more in between the songs. The thing I liked the most in the theatre show was the action with taking off the leather jackets but that was not spontanious as they also did it here.

Conclussion of this demo is that the band plays thick monotonous death/black/thrash that is not suitable for everyone. Fans of the mentioned bands should take a listen to the tracks you can find on their Myspace page. And there you can alos watch a video of the song "Sweet Fever".

No Teatro Joao Paulo II
1. Intro
2. Verminoso
3. Sweet Fever
4. Evil & Dead
5. Rat Sushi
6. Not Dead
7. Death Fuck Love Money
8. Sadistic Kamikaze
9. The Realm of Satan
10. Crossover
11. Oppressor

Bueiro Do Rock
12. Sweet Fever
13. Evil & Dead
14. Rat Sushi
15. Not Dead
16. Death Fuck Love Money
15. Not Dead
16. Death Fuck Love Money

Bode Preto Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 18, 2010

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