Soul Devour - Soul Devour

Soul Devour is a band from Singapore and born from the dead in 2006. The two resurrected were Devoured (vox and bass) and Daemonoz (guitars) and their idea behind this death metal band was to cause catastrophic carnage and brutal bloodshed. With the help of Tremor (also drumming in Impiety and Cardiac Necropsy) the trio had the maxium hatred against the human race. So with knowing this background would you expect some lullabies? Hell no, Soul Devour plays old school death metal in the vein of early Morbid Angel. Tempo changes with the raw growls like David Vincent did. Not only tempo changes but also riffing is various with leads now and then. The songs are not too complicated but just beating the shit out. On this demo there are also cover version of Death's "Crystal Mountain" and three live songs including "Skull Full Of Maggots" by Cannibal Corpse. Two covers on a demo is a bit too much and the live recordings are of bad quality and should have been left of. So I take the first three songs as their real demo and those songs are a good start. They should free themselves from the Morbid Angel influences and work on their own identity.

Written for AEA Zine #16

1. Necroshadow
2. Screams Of Mercy
3. Soul Devour
4. Crystal Mountain (cover Death)
5. A Skull Full Of Maggots (cover Cannibal Corpse)
6. Necroshadow (live)
7. Soul Devour (live)

Infernal Kaos Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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