Soulbreach - My Dividing Line

Ok heres my confession, from the opening guitar riff.. there was not a doubt in my mind these guys were from Sweden. But I have never been one to just dismiss a band so quickly, so I listend to the rest of the record. What I found was something very unexpected. Yes, SOULBREACH have that Swedish sound associated with bands like Soilwork, ext. Heavy, melodic guitar and vocals. However, this album has a very diffrent personality than other Melodic bands I have heard...more attitude. Heavier, groovier, and more addictive to listen to the furthur you get into the album. "My Dividing Line" my not have grabbed me within the 1st 10 seconds, but it most certainly tightend its grip more and more with each note. Personal lyrics infect your mind and force you to listen to the cresendo of guitars and drums that follow. An excellent debut release, raw-powerfull, and precise and made me eat the words of the genere of music I started to put them in. This is a band that deserves to be heard on the next OZZFEST or a large festival tour of that magnitude. SOULBREACH...may you be heard, and embraced by countless. To bad I dont live in Sweden. I'd help you out.. theres my plug, they are looking for a new drummer according to there website.

1. A Figment Of Truth
2. Skin Deep
3. Cease To Be
4. Disjointed
5. My Dividing Line
6. What Is Me
7. Lash
8. You Tore
9. As I Am Concealed
10. My Delight

Mascot Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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