Souldaemon - Dead World

This album was released in 2006 already but it was send to me some months ago. But it is never too late to receive something.

Souldaemon is a visionary project of an Italian guy who plays bass and calls himself Souldaemon. But as this is an one man project he is also doing the vocals and drummachine. And now you think I forgot to mention the guitars but that wasn't wrong. Souldaemon is not using guitars at all. Just bass and drum which gives it a dark, melancholic, raw and distorted sound. He recorded the bass in several overdubs in the song and it gives a deep sound. And you will be impressed by the riffs and solos he can do. After a while you don't miss the guitars and you will be sucked into the tunes. His vocals are cold growling in up tempo tunes or amothsperic mid paced tunes.

It is an unique form of dark death metal that scores high on originality and well performed. So go to his site and preview the tunes, you will be enjoyed.

1. Dead World
2. Barren Land
3. Wings Of Death
4. Bleak Cabal
5. Demons Of My Soul
6. Who Calls in The Night
7. Survive In The Abyss
8. Outro - The Breath Of A New Day

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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