Soulfly - Savages

1st album that I've owned by this band, was interested because I figured that if it is Max Cavalera's band, they must be GOOD. Not to seem biased, but since he was the frontman for Sepultura alongside his brother for years, his own band I concluded I'd give it a try! I was not disappointed at all really and since the focus was on groove/thrash metal, that sparked my interest in them. After hearing this latest CD some times now, I thought that everything seemed to fit together-the music, lyrics and genre(s). There really wasn't anything that I disliked about this release, it is at the top of the list for best albums in 2013.

That I felt so strongly about because it's wholly creative and original not to mention an album to "chill" to. The lead guitar work was also good and well played out on that aspect, it wasn't in any way half-assed or just annoying executions, there was real talent here that Max recruited, not to mention playing with his 20 year old son now on drums. Amazing production, thickness in the guitar riffs (I'd say they're in B-tuning). Not really overtly aggressive songs with exceptions of course. Ultimate creativity in the songwriting, lyrical concepts, vocals and mixing. The fact that they're on Nuclear Blast says something great which is another reason why I picked this out to try.

Everything seemed to fit together and the concept of pure hatred wasn't the only goal I think Max wanted on this album, I also think that the focus was originality in the music alongside lyrics that people could relate to. I'd have to say that the backup vocals/guest vocals fit the album quite well. Some of the music was really atypical though, giving it more of an aura about it which brought about more depth. There wasn't a song on here I disliked. All of the music and vocals I enjoyed immensely. A very groove-laden release and definitely a CD that's well worth hearing. If this sparked some curiosity in my review, YouTube "Cannibal Holocaust" and you'll hear what I'm talking about.

The thickness in the guitar is what stuck with me and Max's vocals seemed more higher pitched than what I was used to on Sepultura releases that he was on. I actually like his voice here more than on Sepultura, which is quite a thing to say regarding the album. Definitely good to have variety in the vocals so that you're not stuck hearing monotonous screaming or low bellowing bouts it's a little bit of both on here which is another reason why I like this release. No regrets here, the musical compositions are just so darn creative and expansive. Max definitely remains high still on the creativity factor.

Savages will hit you hard with heavy guitar work and tempos that are simply awe-inspiring. I don't think that this one you'd get bored with, like I said, a mild metal album with a modicum of fast tunes, mainly just riffs that'll just knock you on your ass. Totally awesome work here and the band needs more recognition with this one because Max does a great job at coming up with music and lyrics that really rock! It'd be great if they stick with this kind of style because it really is an album that deserves more prai

  1. Bloodshed
  2. Cannibal Holocaust

  3. Fallen
  4. Ayatollah Of Rock 'n' Rolla
  5. Master Of Savagery

  6. Spiral
  7. This Is Violence
  8. K.C.S.
  9. El Comegente
  10. Soulfliktion

Reviewer: Death8699
Nov 14, 2013
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