Soulmass - The Weakness Of Virtue

Simply put, this album is GOOD. At times, it's heavy, it's death, it's blackened, it's thrashy, it's doom, it's beauty, it's all encompassing, to an extent. Over all, it's BIG and it's fucking metal!

Florida's Soulmass is back! "The Weakness Of Virtue" is an absolute force. Those who've heard their last album, "Despairing Fates", you know the magic that is Soulmass. Their most recent offering is a step above, IMO. I feel the song writing (which was always on point) is of a higher caliber, the vocals and recording are of a higher quality. I've jammed this at home, in my car, headphones and phone and the sound is completely massive.

The opener, 'To Paint A New World', is a fucking voyage of it's own. Clocking in longer than most bands demos, it's a doom trip that is utterly captivating. Consumed at the start by the ominous tones and sludgy notes. Don't worry, it's not a single tempo jam, they definitely pick it up with some killer harmonies, solid double bass and tortured higher vocals before they slow it down to fade it out. What a ride!

The immediately pick up the pace with the following number, 'Blacksmith's Wisdom'. This song is a thorough pounding of relentless power and weight. You can't help but bang your head. The more I advance in this album, the more hyped on Bryan's vocals. Heavy as fuck and very intelligible. Makes me sing along more as the songs become more familiar. As I join Bryan, I can't help to think about how this tune is a total ripper.

A little inside - my favorite part of this album begins at 1:32, in my favorite song, 'Praise The Sun'. I've woken up with the melody repeating in my head. Not bummed at all! The song also contains a killer solo that fades back into my favorite part. STOKED!

Before I potentially bore you, or give too much away, I'll skip to the closer - 'Embrace Of The Gathering Darkness'. EPIC!!!! Somber acoustic work draws you in as they employ the beautiful voice of Mercedes Victoria. In a seamless transition, the melancholic beauty turns into a a punishing beauty. Thick riffs, pounding drums and unforgiving vocals take the stage. As this legend continues, become totally immersed while gazing at the phenomenal cover art, by Sam Nelson. Shit, as I listen to this tune over and over, I think it's awarded the favorite song trophy. Yeah, it is. This tune is a journey in itself. Once you hear it, you'll know exactly what I'm speaking of. For myself, I've felt several different moods throughout this trek. All of which, I've enjoyed - thoroughly.

Soulmass has done it again. IMO, they've done it bigger and better. Not discounting their previous works AT ALL. Get it. Listen to it. You'll be stoked. If you're not, seek help, there's something wrong.

Stand out songs:
'To Paint A New World'
'Praise The Sun'
'Embrace Of The Gathering Darkness'


1. To Paint A New World
2. Blacksmith's Wisdom
3. Praise The Sun
4. Remember My Name
5. A Once Proud Knight
6. Spear And Hammer
7. When The Flame Begins To Fade
8. The First Sin
9. Embrace Of The Gathering Darkness

Self released
Reviewer: alexcopeland
Mar 20, 2019

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