Soulnerve – The Dying Light

Soulnerve, from the Eastern region of the Netherlands, formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2008. Some years later, Brus reformed the band, taking it in an entirely different direction.

This album is solid with two types of vocals (clean & dirty) that complement each other while neck breaking drums and riffing guitars fill the background.

‘The Dying Light’ is about life, essentially – the woes of living in a constant state of rushed chaos trying to be yourself in a world where you don’t fit in if you refuse to conform to the masses. And hopefully, this message will become clear through music, if nothing else, that the human race needs to take a step back and look at what we are doing.

The dual screams in some of the songs are goose bump worthy only because of the supposed energy in something so emotionally guttural. Making dual vocals successful is difficult because usually the clean and dirty vocals are so different (too different) that they interfere with the music or are so stark in contrast and jagged that they are distracting.

The song ‘Scavengers’ is brutal, with a guest lead from Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage: a renowned Swedish-based melodic death metal band. The lead-in is powerful, with powerful drums and guitar hooks until the breakdown about a minute later. This song is noteworthy because it is intense with a badass guitar solo thrown in there to break up the power and give the listener some breathing room.

Also notable is the artwork on the cover done by Vroomedia and is melancholy with a desolate, cracked road being trekked by a gasmask laden fellow.

Each song on this album is just as intense as the last one with an instrumental, ‘Lost’ placed precariously in the middle of the album. ‘Lost’ has that sad ‘Viking-ish’ death overtone to it with a bittersweet tone in the middle; almost like birth, death and rebirth.

Pick up this album if you dig any type of melodic heavy metal, death metal, hell… any kind of heavy metal.

  1. They Come For Us All
  2. The Dying Light
  3. My Demise
  4. Scavengers
  5. Delirium (Forever Bound)
  6. Lost
  7. Beyond The Sun
  8. End Of The Line
  9. We Are The Voice
  10. Salvation

Self released
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Oct 25, 2014

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