Soulskinner - Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom

The ancients have awakened. Actually these beasts have never practically been asleep. Soulskinner is the evolution of Terra Tenebrae. A Greek band that featured members with highly respected presence (present and past) to the Greek (and not only) underground scene, in bands as Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ and more. In 2000 they changed their name to Soulskinner and released two full length and two split vinyl records. A 7" and a 10". All this, just to make you understand that this new full length here is not from a band to be taken lightly. Heavy past here dudes and of course their new full has been awaited with high anticipation. A really dark and medieval intro breaks radio silence and sets the proper mood for the hearing. Their style has changed since their two first full lengths, and this is something someone can easily tell once the play button is pushed on this one.

The blasting moments (not competely vanished) and the razor sharp riffs, have given their place to slow crawling guitar themes that get surrounded by hellish leads, groovy drum parts and really hatefully dark growls. The boys have changed to better and this is something cheerful as lately a band changing makes people skeptical. So… intro gives its place to 'The Captive Trojan Maiden' and the swamp opens to devour you. Darkness all around their every moment. The classic thrashy drum patterns that all the old school bands used so much seems here so fitting. Great vocal flow and a great refrain are elements that make a song awesome in this genre and this one has it all. 'Life A Bane', 'The Prince Of War', 'Our Greatest Curse' and the massacre carries on in the same mood. The atmosphere is getting claustrophobic as the hearing proceeds. The songs are generous in length, all filled with great drum patterns and leads, that make the already cool riffing sound even better. All here are made to meet one cause. Dark ferocity and heaviness, all at once. And this is achieved. No blasting madness here and no technicalities. Only brutal old school material from a band that couldn't be more expert in this type of death metal.

The enhancements between atmosphere and violence here are simply awesome. From 'Deadlands 1' and its ferocity, they take you to 'Deadlands 2' and you find yourself in an abyss of heaviness with the reek of demise and putrid flesh up your nose. And this is an element I believe as the strong point of "Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom". This aura it carries, is really unmatched. The 90s era of death metal is present here and of course if this album was released back then, it would have been something we'd be referring to nowadays very often. The album carries on with 3 more songs in the same level of course as the previous ones and closes with an outro. The material is simply awesome and it get's a big boost from the awesome production. Perfectly balanced between the instruments, but on the same time muddy enough to make the swamp Soulskinner creates even more threatening. The awesome cover artwork completes the perfect pack for the old school death metal fan. Definitely one of the best for 2014.

  1. Intro
  2. The Captive Trojan Maiden
  3. Life A Bane
  4. The Price Of War
  5. Our Greatest Curse
  6. The Furies' Hymn
  7. Deadland Pt.1
  8. Deadland Pt.2
  9. Thou Shalt Die
  10. Death At Last
  11. Why Shrink From Death
  12. Outro