Soulskinner - Non Stop Killing

The Athens, Greece band Soulskinner released their newest CD, NON STOP KILLING, in November 2007 and the effort is death metal pure and simple. The title track might as well be the single for the album (which it won’t be of course in the scene) because it is a song about suffering and the vocals are heavy practiced growls. This is the poster-song for death metal in my opinion (perhaps this is a pro and a con). The CD opens right into metal sounds and does not stop until the end. Just like the album titles says. And as the vocals deliver its screaming on that opening track, “Echoes of Sickness,” the drummer is pounding double kick style and the guitarist and bassist are riffing along in a controlled groove that works so well in accompaniment to the strong death vox.

About halfway through the album the band continues its mayhem death style but there are these little things it does to break up the monotony (something that almost all good metal bands do). For example, in “not my God,” there are these little stops and the guitar actually takes a couple seconds to throw a lead lick in or two. And the vocals just seem beautifully low in contrast to the high string strikes and vibratos. The song right after ‘Not My God” is called “Absolute Terror” (I can not say that it is absolute terror but…) and is full of total guitar runs and this distinctive break-back beat that sort of slows the whole album down a bit in an important way so that he texture of the death metal CD NON STOP KILLING does not turn into something NON STOP BORING. Soulskinner has not released anything like a boring album in NON STOP KILLING. Instead, it has released a real death album for the scene.

1. Echoes Of Sickness
2. Age Of Terror
3. Land Of Gore
4. Non Stop Killing
5. Not My God
6. Absolute Terror
7. The Final Journey
8. Conception Of Fear
9. Circle Of The Impious Mortals
10. Manmade Predators

Sleaszy Rider Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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