Soulskinner - Seven Bowls Of Wrath

Ah Greece! Its sun warming the skin, its historical heritage... and its death metal!

Since 2000 Soulskinner have been offering a death metal that is both sophisticated and powerful, with that majestic and grandiose side that is quite typical of Greek metal (Septicflesh, Rotting Christ...).

"Seven Bowls Of Wrath" is the fifth album of the Hellenes, which may seem little in twenty years of career, but we know that quality is often better than quantity!

So, what do these seven bowls of wrath have in store for us?

A death metal that oscillates between blast-beat and very heavy and occult mid-tempo, based on heavy riffs and sometimes on the borderline of black metal tremolo.

Yes, the soulskinners are influenced by Rotting Christ, moreover they don't hide from it, and have even participated in a tribute to the Tolis brothers' band... Their death metal has this same capacity to seduce by its insidious melodies, making it powerful but pleasant to ear, far from the muddy death metal « a la » Autopsy for example (even if personally I like them both!).

An album that will appeal to doom metal fans, because of its mystical heaviness, as well as to those who prefer the full-bodied emanations of black metal, and to the fans of the first Morbid Angel, who combined power and the occult.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Tetraktys
2. Night
3. The Principles Of Truth
4. Eternal
5. Regeneration Of The Soul
6. Primitive Light
7. Seven Bowls Of Wrath
8. Angel Of Darkness
9. The Destroyer Of Worlds
10. The Death Seal