Soundborne - Hallucinations

The word Soundborne means "transported by sound", in a more philosophical view the meaning is that the music will transport the listener into the right emotional state that the musical story of each song tell.

So now you knows where the bands stands for. These five Norwegian musicians have their roots in various bands and with"Hallucinations" they deliver their devut album. From those five person noone is doing the vocals and so we have an instrumental album.

Not 100% as you can hear some voices in "Creatures Of A Fairy Tale". The thirteen songs are not really metal but more progressive rock. They also grab atmospheres from jazz or folk music. And atmosphere can be heard a lot with the accoustic guitars, sensative and great leads with feeling for melody and emotion. The whole album is a fantasy trip with easy going or mid tempo tunes.

With "Hallucinations" Soundborne delivered a convincing album and for their second one they will include a vocalist as he is the 6th member nowadays.

1. The Race
2. Detective
3. Space
4. Unreal
5. Creatures Of A Fairy Tale
6. Weather
7. Echoes
8. Lullaby
9. Le Roi Soleil
10. Chase
11. Lava
12. Funky
13. Locomotive

Reroute Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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