Source - Return To Nothing

What can I say about this release? Well, I will start off by saying that you will definitely need an open mind when listening to this release. Also, this is probably the most innovative and thoughtful release I have listened to in the last few months. At least in the realm of progressive rock/metal. Source is a band that lay it all on the line without a care in the world. Every track on this album is filled with such emotion and passion. The magnetism that this release creates is phenomenal in the sense that the band create their art in such a way that you not only hear the music but you feel it as well. You feel it in your mind, your heart, and in the blood pumping through your veins. Source is a band that will take you on such a soulful and mindful journey, that you will often find yourself hitting repeat and playing this album over and over again.

The fluency of the music is beyond amazing and the riffs are a mixture of progressive and alternative themes with a small about of gothic influences thrown in, which makes for a nice twist for the progressive genre. The combination of influences here is staggering and, perhaps, quite odd but interesting. Musically, the influences range from Opeth and Katatonia to Riverside and dare I even say the softer side of Korn. That may turn some people off, but I tell you this album is amazing. I only mention Korn because of the bass, which is, somewhat, a prominent feature on this release. To go even further, I also get a strong Tool vibe. This would be around the “Undertow” era of the band. None the less, when you combine these influences together, the expression of emotion becomes almost ethereal in its delivery. At times you will feel a passionate rage of emotion while, at other times a calming, almost serene-like effect. Like I said earlier, you not only hear this music, you also feel it. It’s one thing to evoke certain feelings and emotions by lyrical content but, when you care capable of evoking all emotions and feelings within a combination of words and music, you have truly grasped and mastered your art. That is what Source has done. This is the perfect example of innovative music to inspire many generations to come.  While I love all the brutal, gory, and violent genres of metal, this album blew me away. What really set it off was the vocals of Ben Gleason, which are quite haunting to say the least. As if the album wasn’t deep enough as it was, Ben’s vocals take it to a whole new level.

Ben’s talent, along with bassist Dan Crisafulli and drummer Georges Octobous, is to be commended and respected. Not only for the massive result of the finished product of this release, but also the time it must have taken to get everything to such an amazing level. Any and all fans of the above bands should definitely look into adding this release to their collections. I even recommend this album to anyone looking for something different and interesting. Pavement Records did a fantastic job releasing this album and prove that they are still a relevant label in metal music. I am really looking forward to what they have to offer in the future.

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Memories Of Yesterday
  3. The Essence
  4. The Word "Source"
  5. Return To Nothing
  6. Complaisance
  7. Consumed
  8. The Serpent
  9. Quadrant