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Seems like that most bands from France are leaping into this modern sounding metal, and among all those bands, South Impact is one of them. The band calls their style as ‘Toulouse Hardcore’, since they come from the town of Toulouse (I might presume) and indeed their music is Hardcore but I don’t think that’s enough to describe their style.

Having a tough thick sounding Hardcore as the main focus, a strong element of Thrash is outstandingly present and in fact South Impact sounds more like a kinda Slayer-meeting-Biohazard (or vice-versa). On the other side, slight touches of Punk plus styles which can be found on bands like Biohazard and Sick of It All are also noticeable! As well, the vocalist sounds quite tough and got a strong voice which reminds me a little bit of Sepultura.

Music is not complicated but for sure it is full of technique, precision, power and grooves enough to say that these guys may definitely make up something which will attract more ears in their next release.

This release is quite recommendable for listeners of Biohazard, Sick of It All and Slayer. Well done!

  1. Another Turn of the Crank
  2. A Cure for Disease
  3. Don't Lose Hold
  4. So Far Away from Me
  5. The Rebirth
  6. Switched Off Face
  7. We Share the Flame
  8. Worldwide
  9. Don't Lose Hold (Bonus)

Deadlight Entertainment
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 13, 2009

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