Southern Drinkstruction - Vultures Of The Black River

This is Death ‘n’ roll from Italy, although I would say they have a fair few more influences on display than purely death ‘n’ roll in all honestly, it is a fun release filled with surprises, death meets NOLA!

‘Ass Parking Bitch’ is one worth checking out on YouTube, I guess not on your work login though, that aside, this refreshes the parts that the filth cannot get too. With an almost ‘Blackout’ intro riff mixing with a death groove. ‘Back To Kill You’ is a touch more low end, groovier with an ambience of the guitars none too different to mid period Arch Enemy and even Dark Tranquility. ‘Out For Blood’ is almost a party tune, its sounds fun, serious, but fun. I suppose if the snare drum had a little more depth in tone, this would also change the dimension of the band also. As you may find it could be heavier, but hell, I don’t know what it is, it’s an album I can’t stop playing.

Each play though, you’ll take a little something different away, and clearly, they are not a joke band certainly in their musicianship, there may be humour a-foot in the lyrics (‘Goatboy’ for example), the artwork doesn’t categorise the releases either and I challenge you to pigeonhole their music definitively. Whilst not truly a thinking man’s release, you don’t need too, what you have here is excitement, variation and strength of character amongst the songwriters. One of the most varied releases I have heard in a while, but quite enjoyable.

  1. Appetite For Drinkstruction  
  2. Elvis In Chains 
  3. Vultures Of The Black River  
  4. Ass Parking Bitch 
  5. Goatboy  
  6. Back To Kill You  
  7. Say My Name  
  8. Out For Blood  
  9. Bloody Stone
  10. THUV