Spasm/Gutalax - The Anal Heroes

A turd riding a toy dildo on the cover and you are expecting what exactly? Crazy guitar scales and intense soloing or Bon Jovi looking dudes giving praise to the purest form of love? Haha... No man. This is a split CD between the nastiest grindcore-goregrind freaks Czech Republic has to offer. Spasm and fuckin Gutalax.

Settin off on the right foot, with the proper sexually oriented intro, Spasm break the ice and 'Sounds Of Libido' is just the track for that. Right in your face grindcore. Itchy guitars forming simple chords filled with distortion with the bass guitar maximising the loudness of it all and the drummer keeping it together with simple but tight and accurate 4/4 patterns. Thrash beats, blast beats and fills are also weapons in his arsenal and they are used cleverly to boost the ferociousness on each song. The vocals vary from brutal growls to pig squeals and whatever's between. The element of sarcasm and comedy couldn't be missing of course. Given plenty in every song, but the truth is that they could stand even if this was missing. Their music alone is extremely addictive to the point where you find yourself dragged by their swirl moshing around yourself. The sexually oriented comedy element is just an extra pinch of salt to the already well flavoured and well-seasoned grind core, Spasm have to offer. Just listen to 'We Wanna Destroy...' and tell me if I'm right. Excellent.

Then after 7 songs and 12', a big fart sound breaks the silence. Aah yes. It is Gutalax's turn to contribute to this one. While Spasm are specialists in sex and making passionate love, Gutalax are dealing with bowel movement. Defecation is their expertise and fuck me man, couldn't get any better! Their session starts with 'Fartherapy'. Get it? Fart-Therapy. And then it goes on and on. While Spasm lean more to their grind-core side, these nasty freaks here tend to lean more to their gore-grind side, without of course neglecting their more straight forward, grind-core alter ego. 'Fartherapy' ends and then 'Shit Of It All' carries the torch. Nasty gore-grind beats for you to shake your butt a bit. Vocals are mostly squeals but once in a blue moon you'll come upon shrieks and grunts. A bulldozer heavy bass following the guitars, creating a huge wall of heavy guitar fifths, tied together by a simple but accurate and precise drum performance. Add to that the intros-outros and the several samples used in between and you can get the general idea more or less. It is all about partying for these two bands and this is what you get after this split is done.

Again and again and damn it I can't find a black spot to this one. Production is as it should be. Heavy and full. Nasty as it should and dirty as it should. No clean stuff here. The spirit of co-working for a main cause between the two bands, is boosted also by the fact that each one, has a cover of the other in their track list. How awesome is that right? Sink your teeth into it damn it. This music is all about fun and in this split what you get is the best from the best in the genre.

  1. Sounds Of Libido
  2. Love Me, Now!
  3. Red Light District
  4. Premenstrual Teenage Soup
  5. Sexual Disharmony
  6. We Wanna Destroy...
  7. King Cock (cover Gutalax)
  8. Fartherapy
  9. Shit Of It All
  10. Assmeralda
  11. Screen Brown Hole (cover Spasm)
  12. 20 Litru Vyvaru Z Vyzlukleho Bedaru
  13. Total Rectal
  14. Fart And Furious