Spasmodic – Mondo Illustrated

Spasmodic was born through a melodic Death Metal band from Ludvika, Sweden, called Metaphor. Metaphor was put to sleep due to different opinions between the members in the band. In 2005 Spasmodic started and they recorded the demo "Soon To Be Lacerated". After a couple of years they begin working on new material. After several gigs and tours they entered the studio in 2010 with a bunch of new material, to create their third demo "Mondo Illustrated". The Legendary Masse Broberg a.k.a Emperor Magus Cligula from the Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral came along and contributed with some writing of lyrics and sang a couple of songs himself.

With their latest output Spasmodic recorded a sick piece of an album. 12 tracks, including one intro the swedish guys start to brake your face. From the beginning of the album 'till the last song Spasmodic celebrate straight, groovy, and brutal death metal. In some songs are 'grindy' influences. The level and the intensity of the music is very high, and that over the whole album. Sounds good? Mhm, that's the small weak point. The songwriting is absolutely ok, but there isn't much variety in the tracks. Every song sounds a little similar. Variety in song structure, really good drumming are existing, but the album makes it hard to lead this trump. The vocals are nice deep/screamed. The sound is very heavy and fits perfect to the music.

So, what do we have? A really intense and heavy death metal album with some grindy influences, music on a high level, good work on the instruments, perfect grunts and good songs. Only the missing variety is reducing the high level of this album. Fans of intense and anvaried death grind are welcome.


1. Din Satans Grisjävel
2. Thirst
3. Wanda La Put (feat. Emperor Magus Caligula)
4. Shelter
5. Trendy Mexico
6. Fabulous Love Making
7. Eject
8. Ugly Sad (feat. Emperor Magus Caligula)
9. Club Bounce
10. Ruthless Pounding
11. Strawberries
12. Mondo Illustrated
13. Domestic Entertainers
Reviewer: Paul
Apr 3, 2013
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