Spawn Of Psychosis - Mind Over Mania

After a gap formed between the bands full length releases Spawn Of Psychosis, (after certain members of the band found themselves going through some personal issues) decided to put their experiences together and came up with this 4 track EP, which seemed like the obvious thing to do – (although to musicians music is never far away from their thoughts!) and to donate the proceeds to MIND. The faceless band members appear on this cleverly thought out concept EP which is chilling in itself and the title ‘Mind Over Mania’ certainly points right where it is supposed to point. We all go through various issues throughout life and what better way to come together, produce music and donate money to a good cause? Some of the best stuff has been written under heavily influenced dark thoughts so here goes...

First Session
The feeling I personally get here is the feeling of reluctance, pain and anguish.  The digging, and the festering mess it leaves behind.  It is only a short track but indeed very powerful and certainly sends chills down your spine.

Coffin Light
Heavy vibes dominate this track.  The imagery is compelling as is the music that stands out as urgent and uncompromising. The keyboards here are superb and really give the track bounce and something to relish.  I can actually feel knots in my stomach as it twists and turns into a brooding landscape of bristling intensity. The track is intrusive, compelling in delivery and explores a dramatic fast pace almost jagged hard edged groove that in turn give out a rich seduction of mesmeric beats.

Therapeutic Care
This track broods in a different way, bubbling immensely, and has Sabbathesque vibes – always a winner for me. It really gets into your head with further emotion despite its stunted appeal. Provoking its mental situations with a shadowing temptation of samples that really niggle deeply and profoundly. Emotionally enticing with an addictive flavour. The riffs of energy bubble overwhelmingly into a devouring confrontation.

Asylum Nursery Rhyme
Quite impacting in an eerie sense of dark intensity. The sounds provoking and numbing, chilling even, richly inspiring dark profound thoughts. This is quite a mind-bending experience with distorted vocal that sound chaotic and brooding with well put together samples and a heavy vibe not far away for it all to ride upon.

Quite a doom laden EP that provokes deep black thoughts and brings it all to the forefront.  Issues, however small, do exist and if we do something positive with them it can lift us from the festering darkness inside.
It does leave a very sour taste on the tongue as it fades out from its bird noises and sparse vocal like it has dredged up its darkest forebodings and put them on display for the world to see which of course is right.
It amazes me just what you can get out of music from listening to it with intensity and focus.
If you are in the same frame of mind as the musician, you can get more from a genre, the chunky riffs are still there with urgent keyboards sounds but add in that ‘personal issue’ and it takes on a whole new meaning, even more so when you add your own intake it can take on a whole new persona.
I think what Spawn of Psychosis have done here is superb, and very brave incorporating intricate details of their fragile mind sets and adding the important ingredient that brings it all to life, which is music of course and in the process raising awareness and money for MIND which is a fantastic cause!
Well done Guys! It has certainly sparked a few dark thoughts in my head right now!

  1. First Session
  2. Coffin Light
  3. Therapeutic Care
  4. Asylum Nursery Rhyme