Spawn Of Psychosis - Ministry Of Transition

Spawn Of Psychosis are the creative project of founding member and frontman, SPAWN (Chris Dredge). What started out as a bedroom recording when he was 16, over a decade ago and with the addition of more members and a strong work ethic, then became a performing band? Mixing electronic drums and synth with heavy, ‘thrashy’ guitar, aggressive bass and raw vocals, the last few years have seen these four misfits release over 2 full albums' worth of material and make their mark within the UK's industrial/metal music scene, delivering an energetic live experience with a powerful sound and tongue in cheek attitude. Now successfully networking with other local artists and promoters and having played alongside bands such as Dope Stars Inc. and KMFDM, Spawn Of Psychosis continue to work on new audio assault and seek new opportunities to widen their territory, always making improvements and adding new elements and techniques to their ever growing sound!

All Hail The Men Of Blood And Iron
There is an awful lot going on at the beginning of this album and it is a stark reminder that something is afoot and will leave you in no doubt by the time it finishes. Its outstretched arms don’t just pull but drag you into a rich world of deep and insatiable passion that drills in utter preciseness, as the twists and turns forge along its turbulent path.

A stark diversion from the previous track apart from the unusual sounds and sampled voice. The pulsating rhythms fester and thump as the momentum gradually fluctuates into a seething ambience. Its throbbing and colourful melodies are rampant and forthright causing a cerebral haemorrhage as it weaves uncontrollably through tangled rhythms and pumping beats.

Continues to breed along the same vein as the previous track with a bristling madness that holds startling qualities. Its disjointed rhythms are awkward yet dynamic! Illuminated with a filthy tone and rambling beats its addictive qualities climb onto the ears like poison ivy as the track unfolds.

Capitalist Courage
This is an all-out brawling frenzy of jagged notes - so sharp they will cut with toxic venom. It is a bit like hearing a record being played backwards as the track doesn’t fall into place as easily as the first three tracks do, and so it is a little too jazzy to fully let yourself go.

The Reason
Possessing a harsh and catchy addictive beat that is sparse, weaving simultaneously as it pushes forward with an infestation of dominant presence, making the invitation to like it too hard to ignore. The vocals are gritty and memorable, and stir up a host of waiting emotions.

La Li Lu Le Lo
The sharp and ambient notes are quickly left behind as the raucous melodies cut through them with powerful, magnified riffs that grip with utter delight. The elements do battle with the senses, casting their dark imaginative rhythms over the ears and with continuing enterprise.

“It is a killer album that will bite given half the chance!”

Ministry Of Transition
Is the title track of this unusual album, it begins with an antagonistic flair and a certain creeping vibe that explodes into a malignant curse and literally hounds the senses. It reinforces its stark nature further on in the track with passages of sampled voices and harsh female voice. It bubbles with a dark vibrancy that sounds rather sinister in its mission to shock and surprise.

Femme Fatale
The electronic pulses are interrupted by a pounding beat and rather unsubtle tones that hang in the air and mesmerize like a professional hypnotist!  Drenched in a hungry satisfaction, that is alluring as it is catchy and memorable it holds a fresh and predatory character that obviously wants to come out and play.

Purge Hate
The enticement comes as the hard rumbling beats penetrate with a steely core of provocative thunder that douses the ears with a rambunctious melody. Compelling with a rigid but exhilarating enjoyment as its textures inject the hate into a waiting vein.

Digital Degenerate
Anything digital always peaks my attention and this track is no exception to the rule. The terror tones literally engage and fester with potent imagination and forge an irresistible bond with the ears, as the vocals spice up the track with a chant like conviction.

The Damage
Swift and menacing this track is not for messing with as the rhythms merge into escalating madness that breed infectious flirting to the disgusting sampled tones of Adolf Hitler. It creates an absorbing unpredictability that is realised early on in the album, although it keeps on generously giving and showing its true colours as being one harsh track that enjoys being menacing and intimidating.

Is a rather uplifting track and leaves behind its harshness and swaps it for a lilting tone of seductive brooding. Although not sure it knows which direction it wants to follow as the vocals seem to want to go in the opposite direction be it for a brief moment. However, it isn’t a bad thing, it is just different!

I think this album actually sums up what Spawn Of Psychosis are all about. They have brought to the forefront a demonic spirit that is hell-bent on causing the maximum devastation. The music is twisted, dark and full of ambience that works through their ramblings with a certain ease. There is some great use of the keyboards and drum machine that like spreading pungent tendrils of keenly growing rhythms, with gripping hooks and imaginative vocal lures that in the end whip up a creative flurry of ferocious aspects and conjure up a malignant force of, at times subdued, but all the more dramatic as it nears its end. This album has a mind all of its own and will no doubt use it to seduce the listener with its creative kiss and seductive leanings. The transition has finally come for Spawn Of Psychosis in the shape of 12 very desirable tracks that are brutal, atmospheric and distinct! It is a killer album that will bite given half the chance!

  1. All Hail The Men Of Blood And Iron
  2. LVIII
  3. Martyr
  4. Capitalist Courage
  5. The Reason
  6. La Li Lu Le Lo
  7. Ministry Of Transition
  8. Femme Fatale
  9. Purge Hate
  10. Digital Degenerate
  11. The Damage
  12. Shadows

Dredge Records
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Nov 14, 2015

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