Spawned From Hate - Accelerated Butchery

This self-described Birming-slam band (UK home of metal just for clarification…) feature a few members of bands that figured largely in the UK brutal death scene, however, quite some time ago before the resurgence of some other sub-genre that once again proved popular in the clubs and media…that said, this is solid brutal death metal for fans of legends such as Suffocation, Morbid Angel and the more technical aspects that may feature even Death, fuck all your trends, get your head around this.

I do have issue with lyrics and imagery of this style, however, I cannot refute the power and energy you get. Compared to earlier material, this EP has a much better production and ‘Accelerated Butchery’ really hitting the spot with some real control in both the vocal and the drum and guitar sections, something a lot of bands forget about and just create filthy noise, not so here. Listen to the choppy violence and guttural carnage of ‘Deceit’ and make you disgust known at your peril…

With the band most recently being signed to ‘Kings Of Decay’, there is an album and new material to look forward to in the future. For this current EP, go and buy it now. Forget about recent trends and memories of going to countless underground slam shows, musicianship is once again presented in a more brutal package, and why not, it’s from the birthplace of metal and so much so has a more ground foundation through the EP, more so it’s not all at breakneck speed so its sounds better…period.

  1. Intro  
  2. Accelerated Butchery  
  3. Filth  
  4. Deceit  
  5. Force Fed Liquescent Decay  
  6. Intravenous Violation

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 21, 2015

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