Spearhead - Deathless Steel Command

After being founded in 2003 and recorded their first demo in 2004, the band is releasing their debut in 2006 on Invictus Prods. The band is inspired by the army, war, battles and anti-christianity and combining it in an aggressive mix of black metal with death and thrash elements. Raw vocals, harsh guitar riffs and firering leads with bombing drums. Most of the time tempo is an straight forward attacking but with slower breakdowns. The goal of this album is to take no prisoners and wiping out all that is existing, good or bad. Spearhead delivers a very nice debut for those who like it raw and ripping.

1. Ornamentum
2. Operation Overlord
3. Violated Purity
4. Deathless Steel Command
5. Stormbearer
6. The Glorious Dead
7. Destroying the Law of Jahweh
8. Dominion
9. Nuclear Imperator
10. Aftermath

Invictus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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